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What is the truth about the damages of swimming for a pregnant woman?

 What is the truth about the damages of swimming for a pregnant woman?

Many pregnant women wonder if swimming is suitable for pregnancy, so what are the most important disadvantages of swimming for pregnant women? How can it be avoided?

What is the truth about the damages of swimming for a pregnant woman?

Swimming is safe and beneficial for a pregnant woman, but what about the disadvantages of swimming for a pregnant woman?

Damages swimming to a pregnant woman

Although swimming is one of the types of safe sports for a pregnant woman, it is not without some damages.

1. Muscle pain

The pregnant woman must find the optimal position for swimming in order to avoid any potential muscle pain while swimming, as the use of strong and stressful movements, leads to tension in the ligaments and muscles of the pregnant woman in many cases.

2. Back pain

It is advised to avoid swimming on the stomach and kicking, as this leads to back pain when making the wrong and incorrect movements.

3. Increase the body temperature

It is necessary to pay attention while swimming for a pregnant woman that her body temperature does not increase significantly, as the water gives a feeling of coldness to a person, which may be a wrong feeling at times.

Therefore, it is advised to check that the water temperature inside the pool does not exceed 32 degrees Celsius in order to preserve the safety of the pregnant woman.

4. Exposure to swimming accidents

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to swimming accidents due to their slow movement compared to non-pregnant women, but women are advised to swim inside the designated areas and avoid swimming in dangerous places or unsecured natural water sources.

It is worth noting that the pregnant woman should pay attention to sterilizing the swimming pool from the existing bacteria in order to protect her from disease.

5. Fatigue in the body

Swimming is beneficial for pregnant women, but too much of this type of sport leads to stress and fatigue at times. A pregnant woman should stop swimming immediately if she feels any pain in the body, bleeding, and pain in the womb or stomach.

Tips to avoid swimming damage to a pregnant woman

Here are some tips that can be followed in order to avoid swimming damage to a pregnant woman:

  • Check the cleanliness of the water

Pregnant women are advised to check the cleanliness of the pool water before swimming in order to avoid potential risks and diseases from under-sterilized pools.

It is worth noting that chlorine is not harmful to a pregnant woman or fetus, so swimming in chlorine-rich swimming pools is safe.

  • Avoid a hot tub

Sitting in a hot tub for more than 10 minutes can raise a woman's body temperature, which is dangerous.

Caution while clubbing the swimming pools

The woman's balance decreases somewhat when the fetus gets bigger, so it is advised to be careful when going to swimming places, especially when walking on the edges of the pool, in order to avoid slipping.

  • Drinking water

A person sweats and loses water while swimming, although he does not feel that, so it is advised to drink water while swimming in order to avoid dehydration.

  • eat the food

A person burns many calories while swimming, so a pregnant woman is advised to eat food after swimming in order to give the body energy and strength again.

  • Choose a professional swimming coach

In the event that you want to learn to swim or use a coach, it is advised to choose a swimming coach who specializes in pregnancy.

  • Avoid swimming in hot weather

It is advised to avoid swimming and exercise in general during high temperatures for a pregnant woman.

Benefits of swimming for a pregnant woman

Often a pregnant woman feels that she cannot eat or do various exercises, but swimming is useful and one of the easiest sports that a pregnant woman can do.

Swimming for pregnant women helps reduce pain, improve the ability to sleep deeply, and significantly increase fitness.

Swimming is considered a safe sport for pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy, but it is advised to consult a doctor about this, according to the different nature of pregnancy for each woman.