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Tannins for hair: the benefits surprise you!

 Tannins for hair: the benefits surprise you!

The health and strength of hair are one of the things we care about a lot, so let's get acquainted with one of the natural extracts to strengthen the hair and learn about tannins for hair.

Tannins are one of the evergreen perennial trees whose leaves and oils from their leaves are used to manufacture some cosmetic products, such as: soap and medicinal oils for hair. The tannins plant may be included in medicine to treat some of the problems and infections of the respiratory system. Read on to find out the role of tannins for hair and how they can be used:

Tannins for hair: is there a relationship?

The relationship between tannins and hair is the effectiveness of the leaves, seeds, and oil extracts of the tannins tree in solving the problems of baldness and hair loss, which are among the problems that a large group suffers from as a result of malnutrition, genetic factor or aging.

The compounds and antioxidants present in the essential oil extracts of the tannins plant contribute to improving the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles that contribute to reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and treating scalp problems.
In one of the studies that were conducted on laboratory mice to study the effectiveness of oils extracted from the tannins plant for hair, it was found that these essential oils may help support scalp health as well as the possibility of promoting hair growth.

The role of tannins for hair

During its growth, the hair goes through three main stages: the growth phase, the regression phase, and the resting phase. The regularity and irregularity of this cycle play an important role in determining the quality and durability of hair.

The oils extracted from the tannins plant work to:

  • Activating hair follicles and moving them from the resting phase to the growth phase, which strengthens and increases the number of hair follicles that contribute to reducing the problem of hair loss.
  • Stimulating beta-catenin, which are proteins that regulate hair follicle growth, which contributes to re-stimulating hair production and increases hair size and length.
  • Reducing and treating scalp infections, as they contain anti-inflammatory and microbial agents, and an inflamed and irritated scalp causes hair loss and thinning hair.

How to use tanning oils for hair

To benefit from the results of tannins oil for hair, a mixture of the following ingredients is prepared:

  • Tannins extract.
  • Liquid Castile soap, which is a soap made from vegetable oil.
  • Rosemary essential oil.
  • Castor oil.
Mix all the previous ingredients well in a suitable bottle. Use the mixture on wet hair and gently massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it off.

The side effects of tannins

A group of side effects may appear in some people as a result of using or eating tannins or a derivative of the tannins plant, and its use should be avoided if these symptoms appear:

  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.
  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • Diarrhea with pain.
  • Reduction of Blood pressure.
  • Seizures.
Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and some autoimmune diseases should avoid using tannins, especially by mouth because it is likely to cause health problems and complications.

Other natural hair care methods

By following some daily lifestyle patterns, you can have a healthy scalp and hair, and among these methods are the following:

1. Scalp massage

Regular massage every 24 hours contributes to stimulating blood circulation, and this stimulates hair follicle cells, which increases hair density and reduces hair loss.

2. Follow an integrated diet

Lack of some nutrients causes hair loss, as iron, zinc, and amino acids should be obtained in moderate quantities and it is recommended to obtain them from foods.

3. Reducing stress attacks

The psychological state affects the hair follicles, causing hair loss, and the most important of these cases is stress.

5. Take care of hair hygiene

One of the most important things that help to maintain healthy hair is washing hair, moderate brushing and not overdoing it, avoiding dyes, and drying hair.

6. Use some natural oils

Among the other natural oils that can be used for hair are the following:

  • Rosemary oil.
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Musk oil.
  • Cactus oil.