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Natural ways to lengthen eyelashes

 Natural ways to lengthen eyelashes

Lots of nutrients are highly effective from a cosmetic point of view as well, here we have brought you several natural ways to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.

Natural ways to lengthen eyelashes

Long and thick eyelashes are signs of beauty and health, but at the time of the industrial cosmetic products that we use, it may be difficult to maintain them without special care, from here are the most important natural methods for lengthening and thickening eyelashes and some important advice in this regard:

Natural ways to lengthen eyelashes

Let's review the following the most prominent natural ways to lengthen eyelashes:

1. Clean eyelashes And massage the eyelids with Vaseline

Cleaning the eyelashes from daily dust and cosmetic residues, in order to open the pores of the skin and eyelash hairs and stimulate blood circulation in them, which improves the delivery of nutrients to the eyelashes follicles.
To do this, just dip an old, clean mascara brush with Vaseline, and brush out the hairs from the follicles twice daily.

2. Castor oil

In fact, castor oil is used in a large number of natural recipes that treat hair follicles as a whole, as it acts as a follicle stimulator, so it is one of several natural ways to lengthen eyelashes.

Dip a cotton swab or clean mascara brush in castor oil and then rub your eyelashes with it. Apply it daily after cleaning your eyelashes at night and wash it in the morning, avoiding getting the oil in your eyes to get thick, healthy eyelashes.

3. Aloe vera gel or aloe vera

Aloe vera and its gel are widely used in cosmetic products, as it contains many vitamins and harmful substances, whether for the skin or for the hair, these nutrients contribute to the growth of eyelash hairs more strongly, and it also keeps them moist.

All you have to do is prepare some gel and extract it from aloe vera, and before going to sleep, comb your eyelashes with it, wash it in the morning and see its results after a few months.

It is important that you clean the aloe vera residue from your eyelids well before applying makeup to your face so that the gel does not stick to the dirt accumulated during the day on your eyelids.

4. Olive oil

What distinguishes olive oil is its ability to enhance the pigments in the bristles, which makes it effective in keeping your eyelashes dark and thus more prominent, in addition to that olive oil is rich in compounds that may contribute to lengthening eyelashes.

Dip an earbud or just a cotton ball with some warm olive oil, and apply it to your upper and lower eyelashes, leave the oil for 5 - 10 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.

5. Green tea

Green tea is a natural remedy that may suit your eyelashes and be effective in lengthening and thickening your eyelashes, as it is rich in antioxidant flavonoids that fight free radicals.

Just prepare a cup of unsweetened green tea and dip a piece of cotton in it after cooling it, then put it on your eyelids for 15 minutes and rinse them, or you can drink a cup of tea to benefit your body and eyelashes.

6. Lemon peel

Lemon peels are rich in vitamins C and B, in addition to folic acid and other nutrients that promote eyelash growth, so it may be one of several natural ways to lengthen eyelashes.

To get its properties, soak lemon peels in olive oil or coconut oil that you intend to use for the same purpose, and apply it on your eyelashes as mentioned earlier and leave it for two hours, then rinse it.

7. Eggs

Although the idea of ​​laying eggs on the eyelids is difficult, eggs contain the net protein that contributes to strengthening the hair and follicles where they feed on, and eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B, which contributes to maintaining the texture of the skin and pores.

Mix an egg with a spoonful of glycerine and whisk it with it until you get a thick and creamy product, and dip a piece of cotton in the mixture until absorbed, and then put it on your eyelashes for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

You should see results after applying it 3 times a week for a few months.

Additional tips for lengthening eyelashes

Dear, you should always pay attention that not all bodies react to the components, in the same way, so try to test more than one method to make sure which one is most suitable for you but also be careful not to be allergic to some compounds.

In addition to the existence of natural ways to lengthen eyelashes, there are some important tips as follows:

  • Be careful not to get any product in your eyes.
  • Never go to sleep without cleaning your eyelashes well from the remnants of makeup and dust in nature, as drying makeup on your eyelashes may cause them to break and fall off.
  • Be gentle while applying and cleaning makeup on your eyes.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients in the beauty products that you use, and make your scale to choose them are the quality of the compounds, not the price, especially those aimed at the eyes.
  • Avoid using false eyelashes a lot, as sticking and removing them will harm the natural eyelashes of course.