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Chapped lips: between causes and treatment

 Chapped lips: between causes and treatment

Do you suffer from the phenomenon of chapped and dry lips? Are there solutions to this annoying problem? Here are all the causes and treatments for chapped lips in the next article.

Chapped lips: between causes and treatment

Many factors cause chapping and dryness of the lips, such as dry and cold weather and excessive lip licking, and although it may be a symptom for some, it may turn into a serious disease, which is cheilitis or inflammation of the lip angle. Find the most important information here.

Symptoms of chapped lips

Symptoms that may be associated with chapped lips:

  • General drought.
  • Scales appearing on the lips.
  • Ulceration of the lip.
  • Swelling.
  • Bleeding

Causes of chapped lips

These are the most important things that may cause chapped lips:

1- Drought and malnutrition

It could cause
Dryness in chapped lips and these are some of the symptoms of dehydration: dizziness, constipation, lack of urine, dry mouth, and headache.

Malnutrition may also cause chapped lips, and these are the most important symptoms: muscle weakness, bloating, weak bones, and weak teeth.

2- Some treatments and medications

Here are some medications that may increase your chances of getting chapped lips:

  • Vitamin A supplements.
  • Retinoids such as Retin A.
  • Lithium used to treat bipolar disease.
  • Chemical treatments.

Treat chapped lips

Accidental chapped and dry lips can be corrected in a few simple steps, and advanced cases must be treated medically.

Here are the most important rules and steps that help chapped lips heal and heal quickly:

  • Do not peel the dead skin off the lips by using the hand, as this slows down the healing process and may cause the lips to bleed.
  • Avoid exfoliating the lips, but rather apply adequate amounts of lip balm instead.
  • Stay away from any substances that may cause chapped or sensitive lips.
  • Exfoliating the lips in some cases, but very gently, with natural ingredients such as sugar.
  • Apply a suitable lip balm containing petroleum jelly or coconut oil or cocoa butter to the lips and generously before bed.

Ways to protect lips from cracking

You should not neglect to take the following steps to protect your lips from dryness and chapping:

1- Use lip balm correctly

Here are the correct rules for using and choosing the right lip balm:

  • It is preferable to choose a special lip balm that contains petroleum jelly, as this substance is necessary to maintain moisture and protect the lips from chapping.
  • It is preferable to use a transparent lip balm first as a basis to protect the lips before applying lipstick.
  • It is preferable to apply lip balm to the lips in the morning before make-up, and in the evening before bedtime.

2- Drink enough water daily

Since dehydration is one of the main causes of chapped lips, you should drink enough water every day.

3- Not to exaggerate in licking the lips

Saliva generally causes the lips to dry out, so excessive licking of the lips daily may pull moisture from the lips instead of moisturizing them as some belief.

4- Avoid dry or cold weather

In winter, care must be taken to have a device to humidify the air, especially in the bedrooms, in addition to covering the mouth with a scarf when going out, especially when the weather is very cold.

And since the sun can cause chapped lips, you can look for a lip balm that contains sunscreen for double protection.

5- Nose breathing

Some people may resort to mouth breathing, which can cause chapped lips. So be sure to always breathe through the nose.

Special cases that require medical attention

If the condition of the lips does not improve despite taking all the preventive and treatment measures, you may be suffering from cheilitis, which is a serious condition that requires medical attention.