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Treating foot pain after walking

 Treating foot pain after walking

Did you feel pain in the feet after walking for long hours? Is this normal? Learn in this article how to treat foot pain after walking.

Treating foot pain after walking

Many people search for how to treat foot pain after walking, so what are the best treatment methods? And when should I see a doctor?

Treating painful feet after walking

The following are the methods of treating feet pain after walking, some of which can be easily applied indoors:

1. Take a break

It is recommended to take a rest when returning from walking and feeling pain in the feet, and it is also recommended to raise the feet to the top as much as possible.

2. Wear comfortable shoes

It is recommended to wear comfortable, flat shoes that do not contain any heels, and soft and slightly not tight types of shoes should be worn.

3. Use pain relievers when needed

Painkillers can be used in the event of severe pain, as paracetamol is recommended as a pain reliever when needed.

4. Weight loss

One of the most important causes of feeling pain in the feet after walking is weight gain, which increases the load and heaviness on the feet, so it is recommended to lose weight to be within the normal limit.

5. Soak the feet with warm water

The increased load on the joints and muscles of the feet through walking for long periods causes pain in the feet, so it is recommended to give the feet relaxation by placing them in warm water. Salt can be added to warm water, and it is advised to soak the feet in the water for at least 10 minutes.

6. Exercise stretching exercises for the feet

Muscle contraction for a long time sometimes causes pain, so it is recommended to do stretches for the feet, as this helps in relaxing the feet greatly. The best time to do the stretching exercises for feet is after soaking the feet in warm water.

7. Feet massage

Any of the natural oils can be used and a foot massage can be done in order to reduce muscle pressure, the massage can be done by the person himself or a special device can be used for that.

8. Wear a foot brace

A special brace for the feet can be obtained and worn, as this helps to tighten the feet and greatly reduce pain.

Prevention of foot pain after walking

After I learned about the methods of treating foot pain after walking, the following are the most important prevention methods:

  • Avoid walking for a long time

Some people work all the time by standing or walking without any rest, as stresses the feet more than necessary, causing pain to the feet after walking, and walking on hard surfaces causes pain to the feet after walking. Therefore, it is advised to avoid this.

  • Follow-up treatment of foot shape disorders

Some people have flat feet, so these people are more susceptible to various foot problems that lead to pain. Therefore, these problems must be monitored continuously.

  • Treating nerve and tendon problems in the foot

Usually results in neuropathy in people with diabetes, which leads to increased pain in the foot, and some people develop inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles and bones of the person, which leads to increased pain in the feet.

It is advised to follow up the treatment of these problems with a specialist to avoid complications.

When should you see your doctor?

Often feeling pain after walking is not dangerous, but it is advised to see a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Change in the shape of the feet.
  • Severe pain after walking.
  • Pain that makes a person unable to do any other activities during the day.
  • Continuous swelling and redness in the feet.
The doctor usually performs many medical and physical examinations in order to accurately diagnose the patient and give him the appropriate treatment.