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Laser treatment of early gray hair


Laser treatment of early gray hair

Many people may wonder about the possibility of treating early gray with laser, follow the following article to learn more about the topic.

Laser treatment of early gray hair

Many people may suffer from early graying for several reasons, follow the following article to learn how early gray hair can be treated with laser:

Laser treatment of early gray hair

Laser treatment of early gray hair cannot convert white hair to its natural color. Rather, it can remove hair from its roots. The laser is one of the most important techniques used in hair removal, in which a group of lasers is directed at the hair so that the hair follicle is given heat energy that causes damage to it and prevents its growth again.

And because most of the lasers used in hair removal depend in their work on the presence of the melanin pigment in the hair, which means that they recognize the hair follicle through the presence of this pigment, so it can be said that it is rare to treat early graying with laser due to the absence of melanin pigment in gray hair and other types From hair, such as blond, gray, or white hair.

In general, the effectiveness of laser treatment depends on the color of the patient's skin and hair, so the best results of laser treatment appear when it is used to treat dark hair for people with light skin, while its response to other types of hair is scarce, especially when talking about early graying.

In addition to that, the importance of determining the patient's skin color and the nature of his hair lies in determining the number and duration of the expected sessions.

Laser devices with different working methods

Recently, some types of laser devices have appeared that do not depend in their work on the presence of the pigment melanin in the hair, as these devices target the blood vessels that feed the hair, causing stopping the growth of all types of hair, including early graying.

The treatment is done in this way in several steps as follows:

  1. Using wax on the area to stimulate the blood vessels in the area by raising its temperature, being careful not to remove hair while using it.
  2. Putting ice on the area to increase the viscosity of the blood.
  3. Use of a laser device.

This method works to destroy hair follicles and stop the blood supply to them, which prevents any of the important factors for the growth of this follicle again, and it is recommended to use this type of treatment in 12 sessions with a separation of 6 to 8 weeks between each session and the second for better results.

Other ways to treat premature graying

After using many methods for treating premature graying, such as: using radiofrequency and laser after coloring and not proving the effectiveness of these methods for treating early graying, the search for other methods that may be more suitable for treating early graying began, such as the following:

1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis can be used to treat premature graying, as an electric current is directed to each follicle separately, after which the hair is removed with forceps.

This method is effective for treating all types of hair, including early graying, and it is also considered a safe, effective, and less expensive way of laser treatment.

2. Removal of hair follicles

One study was done on a 40-year-old woman suffering from premature graying on the sideburns, where the treatment steps were as follows:

  • Provide adequate sterilization conditions and cut all white hair to 1-2 mm long under local anesthesia.
  • Extraction of all follicles by means of special forceps.
  • Apply a suitable dressing to the area for 24 hours and add a topical antibiotic for 5 days.

The result of this method of treatment was the removal of a total of 116 hairs on the right side and 45 hairs on the left side within 4 weeks of treatment.

In addition, no recurrence of hair growth, skin pigmentation, or scarring of the area was noticed after 5 months of treatment.