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High temperature during the menstrual cycle


 High temperature during the menstrual cycle

What are the reasons that lead to a high temperature during the menstrual cycle? What are the most important tips that help reduce the temperature? Here are the most prominent ones in the following article.

High temperature during the menstrual cycle

Women may be concerned about a high temperature during their menstrual cycle, here is the most important information about the reasons and ways to reduce the temperature in the following article:

High temperature during the menstrual cycle

A woman's body temperature changes naturally during the menstrual cycle, as the temperature begins to rise in the ovulation phase for most women, so the average temperature rise is between 35.5 - 36.6 degrees Celsius, which is the usual temperature before ovulation, and after ovulation, the temperature rises to 36.1 - 37.2 ° C.

If the temperature rises above the aforementioned rate, it is preferable to consult a doctor to ascertain the main cause that led to the high temperature.

Causes of high temperature during the menstrual cycle

Here are the main reasons that lead to a high temperature during the menstrual cycle:

1. Hormones change in the period of the menstrual cycle

Women experience a slight increase in body temperature at the time of ovulation as a result of the rise in the hormone progesterone, as levels of the hormone progesterone remain high compared to estrogen and the body temperature remains higher than usual two weeks before the date of menstruation.

It is believed that the hormonal changes that occur in the hypothalamus somehow affect the control center in the brain, resulting in a slight temperature rise.

2. Menopause is approaching

For women between the ages of 45 and 55, night sweats due to a high temperature or hot flashes are a sign of approaching menopause, which is the pre-menopausal period when women feel a high temperature and unusual sweating.

3. Excess weight

The fats you eat in your diet or the amount of fat stored in the adipose tissue around the body are among the factors that cause weight gain and affect hormones, as the consumption of healthy fats such as omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids is necessary for the production of hormones.

If you have a lot of fatty tissue, this can affect the levels of hormones in the body, such as the estrogen hormone, and cause the body temperature to rise during the period.

4. Take some medications

Hot flashes are a side effect of some medications, and this includes the contraceptive pill. If the birth control pill you are taking contains only progesterone, this may lead to a rise in body temperature and sweating.

Tips to treat high temperature during the menstrual cycle

Here are the most important tips that may help you when you have a fever during your period:

  • Avoid caffeine

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which increases the heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature rise, and it is preferable to replace coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine with water mixed with lemon juice.

  • Wear appropriate sleepwear

Women are advised to use cotton pajamas, as they contain pores that help regulate heat levels. Many women suffer from sweat due to the high temperature at night.

  • Coldwater compresses

It is advised to put cold water compresses on the forehead to help reduce the temperature or put a cold mask on the face and get rid of the slight temperature rise.

  • Keep calm

It is recommended when the menstrual flow begins to keep calm and avoid panic if you are among people, because anxiety may cause a high temperature.

  • Go to a well-ventilated place

It is recommended to go to well-ventilated places when you feel a high temperature, as it is possible to reduce the body temperature by moving to an area with a lower temperature.

  • Avoid physical activities

It is advised to avoid doing physical activities that require a large amount of energy, as these activities help increase the body temperature.