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The new Corona virus has negatively affected husbands

 The new Corona virus has negatively affected husbands

The emerging corona virus has many negative effects, the most important of which is health, but it was also able to negatively affect many couples.

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As Chinese statistics indicated that the new Corona virus had a significant impact on husbands, as the percentage and numbers of divorce increased in China, and the rate of domestic violence also increased.

Researchers in various countries of the world explained that it is necessary to take this issue into account in order to try to reduce it as much as possible in other countries.

This means the need for some rules and advice that will help reduce tension between spouses.

Tips to protect you and your partner:

Here are some tips that family specialists have indicated that they should be followed in order to reduce marital problems and domestic violence during the home quarantine period:

  • Having time for each partner separately
  • Accept the partner as he is and consider this period as a time for getting to know the partner again, away from all life's concerns
  • Planning some of the problems that spouses may face
  • In case you notice tension between the two of you, it is best to take a break and back away a bit
  • Communication with others is essential in this field
  • Maintain a daily routine.