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Strange smells smell recovering from Corona!

 Strange smells smell recovering from Corona!

Although the persistence of the disappearance of the sense of smell after recovery from corona is not a concern, but the matter has become affecting the lives of people with it, here is the latest news:

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One of the most prominent symptoms that accompany infection with Covid-19 disease, is the disappearance of the sense of smell and this continues to disappear even after recovery from the emerging corona virus, according to the Washington Post.

Some survivors of this virus noticed that the smells seemed strange to them and may resemble the smell of cigarette smoke or a musty smell, and that some foods taste bad for them as well.

This type of health condition is known as parosmia, or a temporary disorder that distorts odors and often makes it bothersome for some people with the emerging coronavirus.

The director of the Smell and Test Center, Richard Doughty, also indicated that this symptom that some people suffer from after recovery from Corona disease is exhausting and affects a person's life.

And the World Federation of Chemical Sensory Research published a report indicating that 7% of 4000 people with Covid 19 virus had a disappeared or changed sense of smell.

It is worth knowing that the case of parosmia often occurs after some types of viral infections, so none of the doctors and specialists were surprised by the reports issued related to this virus.

But this symptom can be frustrating and unpleasant for many individuals who have recovered from this virus.

It is also believed that one in 20 people infected with Covid 19 may end up suffering from the continued disappearance of the sense of smell even after recovery from Corona.

Although many cases have already recovered from this symptom, some other cases are still waiting to be cured even after 10 months of their recovery from this virus.