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Learn the benefits of a mask for male gum and starch

 Learn the benefits of a mask for male gum and starch

The male gum mask and starch are used to lighten the color of the skin. Learn in this article the benefits of male gum and starch, how to use them, and the most important tips to follow when using the mask.

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Here is the most important information about the gum and starch mask:

Mask gum male and starch

Here are the steps involved in making a gum and starch mask:

  1. Put half a spoonful of crushed male gum in a sufficient amount of water and then put it on the fire.
  2. Add a teaspoon of starch with the male's gum and stir well until it has a thick consistency.
  3. Leave the gum and starch mask for half an hour to cool down.
  4. A mask of male gum and starch is applied to the areas that need lightening and unification, whether on the body or the face, for a quarter of an hour.
  5. The area is rinsed with lukewarm water after a quarter of an hour has passed from applying the male gum and starch mask.
  6. The male gum and starch mask are used one to two times a week.

Benefits of the male gum and starch mask

Holding gum and starch has many benefits, including:

Benefits of male frankincense

Learn the most common benefits of male bananas:

  1. It is used to get rid of acne and remove dead skin cells.
  2. It helps heal wounds.
  3. It is used as a flavoring agent in food.
  4. It is used as a freshener in soaps, cosmetics, or perfumes.

The benefits of starch

Here are the most prominent benefits of starch:

  1. Get rid of excess oil in the skin.
  2. Facial cleansing and removal of dead skin cells.
  3. Treating rashes and itching through its anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Get rid of sunburn and skin irritation.
  5. Lighten dark spots because starch contains vitamin A.
  6. Lighten and reduce acne because the starch contains zinc.
  7. Promote the health and hydration of the skin, because the starch contains vitamins B1 and B2.
  8. Improve skin structure and reduce wrinkles, because starch contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

Tips and warnings when applying a mask for the male gum and starch

Here are some tips when applying a gum and starch mask:

  • It is preferable to apply a mask of male gum and starch after showering, as due to the steam produced by showering, the pores of the skin become better and more permeable, and thus the beneficial ingredients are absorbed into the skin with ease.
  • The mask can be put in the fridge for a few minutes, so you can apply it to the area easily and comfortably.
  • It is recommended to wash the tools or brushes that were used to apply the gum and starch mask and make sure that it is dry, to prevent the growth of bacteria on it.
  • The mask should not be left on for a long time, as it may cause irritation to the area.
  • It is preferable not to wash the area with hot water, as this increases the dryness of the skin.
  • It is preferable to apply a moisturizer after removing the mask to keep the skin plump and hydrated.
  • Before using it on the face or the entire body, you must make sure that you are not allergic to it by applying it to a small area, as some people may be allergic to male frankincense or starch, and this causes skin irritation in some people.