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Fasting of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

 Fasting of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

Is fasting a pregnant woman in the ninth month safe? Learn with us all the information about fasting during the ninth month.

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You will learn the following about the most important information about fasting during the ninth month:

Fasting of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

The third trimester of pregnancy is the period when the fetus is showing rapid growth, so it needs more nutrition and more minerals and vitamins to keep it healthy.

Evidence indicates that despite the presence of some potential harmful effects of fasting on the speed of growth, fasting during the ninth month of pregnancy is safe to a large extent if the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus is good.
It is advisable to seek medical advice before making the decision to fast, and your doctor will be able to check for any complications that may arise in the event that you have not been eating and drinking for some time and advise you accordingly.

The effects of fasting on a pregnant woman in the ninth month

Fasting in the ninth month of pregnancy can have many effects, some of which have short-term effects that end with the passage of time, while others may have long-term effects.

Here are some of the effects of fasting on a pregnant woman in the ninth month:

  1. The possibility of premature birth in rare cases.
  2. The potential for dehydration if water or fluids are not consumed.
  3. Low birth weight.
  4. Depriving the fetus and mother of basic nutrition.

Warning signs that warn pregnant women against fasting

In the event that you decide to fast and encounter these signs, you should stop fasting immediately and undergo a medical examination:

  1. You are not gaining enough weight, or losing weight significantly, this may harm the fetus, so make sure to measure your weight regularly at home while fasting.
  2. You are very thirsty, or not passing urine as well as before, or your urine has darkened.This could be a sign of dehydration, and it can make you more likely to develop a urinary tract infection, or other complications.
  3. You feel dizzy, faint, weak, or tired, even after you get a good rest, in this case, stop fasting immediately, and have a sugary drink and a salty snack.

Tips for fasting pregnant in the ninth month

In the event that you are nine months pregnant, you should take care of your body during the fasting period so that you do not lose weight, these tips can help:

  1. Talk to your doctor early before fasting.
  2. Stay hydrated, as dehydration is risky for all pregnant women, so drink plenty of fluids before fasting.
  3. Consult your doctor about feeling tired as a result of fasting for consecutive days, as he will provide you with appropriate advice.
  4. Avoid strenuous activities or exercises during the fasting period.
  5. Listen to your body, breakfast immediately when you feel sluggish or tired.

Pregnant woman's food during fasting in the ninth month

There are some foods that you should include in your diet during Ramadan and others that you should avoid, as follows:

1. Choose a range of healthy foods, including the following:

  • Food rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron and calcium.
  • Energy foods, such as: whole-wheat pasta, oats, grains, beans, legumes, and unsalted nuts.
  • Protein-rich foods, such as: meat, beans and eggs.

2. Avoid unhealthy foods, for example the following:

  • Caffeine, it increases dehydration.
  • Foods that are difficult to digest.
  • Acidic or fatty foods that can cause heartburn.
  • Sugary foods and drinks, as they give you an instant boost of energy without lingering.
  • Unsafe foods during pregnancy.