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Facilitating childbirth: auxiliary steps and procedures

 Facilitating childbirth: auxiliary steps and procedures

During childbirth, a woman suffers from great and severe pain, but there are many methods that help facilitate childbirth and alleviate her pain. The most important instructions are here.

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One of the greatest concerns of a woman during pregnancy is the process of childbirth and the pain associated and accompanying it, to start with it the search for methods and procedures to facilitate childbirth, doing some things will really help you in making it easier and bypassing it easily and easily.

There are some procedures that a pregnant woman must do during pregnancy and the birth process that will facilitate childbirth, here are the most important of these steps and procedures:

During pregnancy: steps to facilitate childbirth

Before the birth process, the pregnant woman can start practicing some things that will facilitate the birth process when the time comes, and these are the most important:

1- Doing yoga

Yoga is known as one of the best exercises for a pregnant woman, as it prepares the body of a pregnant woman for the birth process in advance, by doing some positions that help the pelvis to relax in order for the fetus to come out easily.

Not only that, but yoga also helps a pregnant woman learn breathing techniques that help facilitate childbirth. Breathe in the correct way will save you from a large part of the pain that you feel during labor and childbirth.

2- Massage

Regularly undergoing massages for a pregnant woman relieves her from muscle tension and tension in her body muscles, and also reduces stress levels that the pregnant woman feels, which effectively helps to facilitate the birth process.

But the pregnant woman must make sure to go to a specialist in pregnant women massage and not any regular masseur.

3- Hypnosis

The point here is the complete physical comfort that separates you from everything going on around you and that uses the mind to change some beliefs and behaviors.

Therefore, the pregnant woman is usually advised to use techniques that help her in hypnosis, such as deep breathing and visualization, this matter would rid the pregnant woman of fear about the birth process and facilitate the process for her.

4- Kegel exercises

The practice of Kegel exercises during pregnancy helps to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and intestines, and by strengthening these muscles, the pregnant woman has the ability to better control it during the birth process and facilitate it.

Kegel exercises are also usually recommended after childbirth to facilitate the healing process and better control the bladder.

5- Having sex

It may be strange that your doctor advises you during the last month to have sex, but scientific studies and experience have proven that having sex in the last month of pregnancy helps speed up the birth process!

During childbirth: ways to help you facilitate childbirth

Of course, there are some things that you can do to facilitate childbirth and relieve feelings of discomfort as much as possible, and these procedures and methods are as follows:

1- Move

When you arrive at the hospital early, you need to move and walk in order to speed up and facilitate the labor process, do not just sit on the bed waiting for the birth!

2- Positive thinking and focus

The positive thoughts that revolve in the pregnant woman's mind during the birth process help her in facilitating the birth process, and focusing on the upcoming baby and the coming joy with him will make things smoother and easier.

3- Shout

Do not be afraid of your loud voice during the birth process, when you scream during the birth process, you are thus able to bring out a lot of the pain that you feel, which will facilitate delivery.

4- Push hard

You must have watched several films in which women give birth and how the nurse starts screaming at the woman for payment, but there is no need to fear, you are not obliged to pay until you feel the need to do so, as you will automatically feel the right time to pay.

5- The presence of your husband

Ask your husband to be present during the birth process, and talk to him during the birth and hold his hand, as his presence will reduce your tension and pain during the birth as well.

Finally, remember that it is not known what your birth will be like, but you need preparation and training in some strategies to facilitate childbirth. And don't forget that after all this hassle, you will finally be able to hold your baby in your arms!