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Cucumber: Does it cure Alzheimer's and allergies?


 Cucumber: Does it cure Alzheimer's and allergies?

Cucumber, which is always present in the various salad dishes that we love, has the ability to cure Alzheimer's? Read the news to know what this revolutionary study has revealed.

Cucumber: Does it cure Alzheimer's and allergies?

Experiments carried out by British researchers at Dundee and Oxford Universities recently, and their results were published in the journal Nature Vaccine, revealed a new type of vaccination consisting mainly of materials extracted from cucumber, which may be able to provide the necessary protection against diseases Like Alzheimer's and allergies.

Researchers believe that they have finally been able to create what they called "the silver bullet" by using a virus that affects vegetables to extract a new type of vaccinations that may help protect humans from many diseases.

The researchers extracted the protein coat for a virus that infects cucumber, which usually causes some protrusions and swellings on the surface of the fruit, and then they used this protein with a protein formula extracted from the tetanus bait to make the new bait.

Initial experiments showed that the new taste had a positive effect on the following medical conditions:

  • Allergy in general and cat allergy in particular.
  • Psoriasis.

The new taste may be effective in preventing some diseases before they occur, as in the case of Alzheimer's disease, or in fighting some diseases and curing them after their occurrence, as in the case of psoriasis.

These research and experiments are still in their infancy, and researchers hope that they will be able to conduct them on a larger scale and try them more intensively to prove their effectiveness in the coming period.

The researchers hope that this type of vaccination will become the ideal solution to protect many people around the world from the suffering and pain of some chronic and dangerous diseases, and it will not be an expensive vaccine, but it may be cheaper and more useful than the many vaccinations and vaccines currently available.