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British Corona strain: more dangerous than we thought!

 British Corona strain: more dangerous than we thought

Since the start of the pandemic, many mutations of the Corona virus have appeared, and the most disturbing of them was the strain that appeared in Britain, and in new scientific research, scientists revealed that this strain may be one of the most dangerous strains in existence.

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According to a new study, the results of which were recently published in the medical journal (The BMJ), it was noted that the chances of dying from the British Corona strain, which bears the name (Variant B.1.1.7), may be 64% higher than the chances of death associated with other currently existing strains. From the emerging corona virus.

During the study conducted by British researchers, data taken during the last four months from more than 100,000 people infected with Coronavirus, including people who were infected with the British strain, were examined.

The researchers found that the number of deaths from the new strain was much greater than the number of deaths that were recorded as a result of infection with other ancient strains, which made researchers conclude that the British strain may be more dangerous than its predecessors.

The aforementioned percentage revealed by the study is a frightening percentage by all standards, not to mention that researchers had previously revealed that this strain is rapidly spreading, and with the combination of risk and spread factors in this strain, the researchers recommend dealing with this strain with great caution, and adhering to preventive measures .

What do scientists think of this study?

This study comes to provide additional confirmation on the outputs of previous studies that had indicated the danger of the British breed, but:

  • Some believe that the results of the study are not convincing, and that the weather and cold weather may play a role in exacerbating cases and the death of the injured, especially since the cold may exacerbate some of the already existing conditions in some patients.
  • There is still a need for more research and studies on a larger scale to investigate whether these results can be generalized to British ancestors in other parts of the world.
It should be noted that researchers have not yet been able to monitor and determine the mechanism of action of the British strain in the body or what may make it more dangerous than others, and the strange thing is that the chances of death from this strain begin to rise significantly after the lapse of nearly two weeks after the start of the infection!

What happens in the body of a person with the British strain to make him suddenly develop serious complications 14 days after the infection? And what delays the emergence of fatal complications of this strain for two weeks? This is what scientists have not found an answer to until now!