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Best natural hair dye: many easy recipes

 Best natural hair dye: many easy recipes

What is the best natural hair dye? And how is it possible to prepare and prepare hair dye with household ingredients away from harmful chemicals? The answer is in this article.

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If you are looking for the best natural hair dye, you can try the many recipes that we will review in the following, in which you can choose the best among them according to your goal of the hair dyeing process:

Best natural hair dye to lighten hair color

In the event that the goal of hair dyeing is to obtain hair tones lighter than the current hair color, these recipes may help you achieve the desired purpose:

Lemon recipe

To apply this natural dye and benefit from it, the following are followed:

  1. The ingredients of the natural lightening dye are first prepared, and include: 1 serving of water, matched by two servings of fresh lemon juice.
  2. Prepare an empty spray bottle to place the lemon and water, then shake the bottle well.
  3. The liquid is sprayed on the hair until it covers it completely.
  4. The hair is exposed to the sun directly for a full hour, or the hair is dried with a hair dryer.
  5. After the hour has passed, rinse the hair with shampoo followed by a moisturizer.
  6. This method is repeated once every week.

This recipe may help lighten hair color because it contains lemon, which has natural lightening properties, in addition to the fact that the heat that the hair is exposed to while the lemon is on it may help to strengthen the effect of lemon in this regard.

Chamomile recipe

To make use of this recipe, follow the following:

  1. The ingredients are prepared, and it includes: 30 chamomile flowers, half a cup of honey, and a little water.
  2. Chamomile flowers are placed in boiling water, and the liquid is left aside for no less than 30 minutes, until its temperature drops.
  3. The water is filtered from chamomile, then the water is mixed with a little bit of regular hair conditioner, and the hair is then washed with the resulting mixture, and after an hour the hair is washed with clean water.
  4. This method is repeated for two consecutive days.

This recipe not only contributes to lightening the color of the hair and giving it a blond shade, but it may also help: Resist dandruff and strengthen the follicles.

Best natural hair dye to get darker hair

Some people may want to change the hair color to a darker tone slightly more than its natural color, and in such cases it is possible to follow one of the following recipes:

Apple cider vinegar recipe with soy sauce

To benefit from this natural dye, the following steps are applied:

  1. Prepare the dye ingredients, which are equal portions of: soy sauce and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Mix vinegar with soy sauce in a deep dish.
  3. Rinse hair with a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce after shampooing and watering the hair.
  4. Leave the mixture on hair without washing until it dries up automatically.

With repeated use of this recipe on hair 2-4 times a month, the hair may gradually start to darken.

The apple cider vinegar in this recipe helps cleanse the hair and scalp, while the soy sauce darkens the hair.

Coffee recipe with water

To prepare this dye, the following instructions are applied:

  1. Prepare the contents of the dye, which is: only one tablespoon of ground coffee or black tea, and 1-2 cups of water.
  2. Boil coffee or tea with water in a pot over a fire for a third of an hour.
  3. When a third of the water has evaporated after a third of the hour has passed, the container is removed from the stove.
  4. The liquid is filtered from leftover tea or coffee when its temperature is lowered.
  5. Use a mild liquid to rinse your hair one last time after washing it with water and shampoo.
  6. Reapply this dye recipe 1-2 times a week to darken hair over time.

Sage recipe

To take advantage of it, these steps apply:

  1. The dye contents are prepared first, which are: half a cup of dried sage leaves and 4 cups of water.
  2. Sage is boiled in water for at least half an hour.
  3. Filter the boiling water from sage and leave to cool, and after washing the hair with water and shampoo, rinse the hair with sage water.
  4. Wash hair with clean water after at least 15 minutes.

Not only does this recipe make the hair darker than usual, but it may also cover gray hair.

The best natural hair dye for your purpose

These are some of the ingredients that may be useful if a person wants to achieve other goals of the hair dyeing process:

  • To get a red color: You can benefit from these ingredients: carrot juice with beetroot, boiled cloves or cinnamon powder.
  • To cover gray hair: Saffron can be used.
  • To nourish the hair and the color that may last a month or more: Henna can be used.

Why does he prefer to resort to natural dyes?

Unlike harmful chemical dyes, and because natural dyes recipes are based on safe household ingredients, they often will not harm hair, but on the contrary, they may help protect your hair and improve its health.

How to make natural hair dye last longer?

If you want to make your chosen recipe the best natural hair dye, here are some important tips in this regard:

  • Avoid rinsing the hair with hot water, and try to wash the hair less times a week.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools.
  • Repeat the recipe you liked from the mentioned recipes regularly.