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The salahia blog is a medical blog in which you will find different topics of interest to you and that everyone is looking for. We try through the blog. I offer you exclusive articles on the type of content and some of the following areas:

We have a health and beauty section that includes married life, nutrition and weight loss

And another section on childbirth and includes pregnancy, childbirth and infants

And another section on medicine and health and includes a lot of things

Salahia works to provide reliable and comprehensive medical and health information to the reader wherever he is, and believes in everyone's right to know and access information easily and easily.

Salahia aims to be an integrated platform for communication between the citizen and the bodies that work to provide various medical and health services. 


To fulfill its mission, Salahia is keen on learning and keeping its users’ trust by:

  • Disseminating scientifically proven medical materials (Evidence Based Medicine) approved by the responsible institutions and professional bodies.

  • Providing licensed content from the most prestigious and international medical institutions and universities such as Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic

  • Respect for copyright, intellectual property, and professional and ethical work principles.

  • Respect individual privacy and not disclose any information about browsers to any party.

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