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Separating the infant from its infected mother may not be necessary

 Separating the infant from its infected mother may not be necessary

For a mother infected with Coronavirus to breastfeed her child, it may not pose a threat to the child's life. On the contrary, breast milk may help to provide the infant with antibodies to the virus.

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There are many ways of transmitting the Corona virus from one person to another, but it seems that breastfeeding is not one of them, but even breast milk may be a natural way to protect infants from the emerging corona virus.

According to a study published recently in the Journal of the American Society for Microbiology (mBio), a group of researchers examined breast milk samples taken from 18 women infected with the Coronavirus, and the following was observed:

  • The samples are completely free of the genetic particles of the virus, meaning that the emerging corona virus may not be transmitted through breast milk.
  • Two-thirds of the samples contained two types of antibodies that are specifically resistant to the emerging corona virus.

The team based on the study, which included researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center in America and other researchers from different universities, concluded that the results presented may mean that the infant is kept away from its infected mother with the Coronavirus for fear of catching the virus. It may not be necessary after today.

Promising results but ...

Although the results of this study appear positive, we have to wait a little while before adopting its results, for the following reasons:

  • The lack of scientific studies that have dealt with this topic in general.
  • The results of the studies that have already been conducted so far are conflicting in this regard, as other studies have shown the presence of parts of the genetic makeup of the virus in some samples taken from the breast milk of women infected with the emerging coronavirus.
Currently, the medical team that conducted the aforementioned study is seeking to expand the scope of the study in its second phase and make it include a greater number of breastfeeding women, and if the results of the study are already confirmed on a more extensive scale, new mothers with coronavirus may not have to stay away from their infants during The period of infection, which may have a positive effect on both the mother and the baby.

  Will the coming months bring us new positive news in this regard?