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How do I know that I am pregnant before menstruation?

 How do I know that I am pregnant before menstruation?

How do I know I am pregnant before my period? Many signs of pregnancy appear very early. Know the symptoms of pregnancy that may appear before your period is due.

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Pregnancy may be the most wonderful and beautiful phenomenon that can happen to a woman. On the other hand, pregnancy is also the most alarming phenomenon and questions especially about its symptoms, but some signs of pregnancy may appear early, which enables you to answer the question: How do I know that I am pregnant?

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week

Of course, the delay in menstruation is the first sure sign of pregnancy, but a woman's body begins to change from the beginning of pregnancy to match the needs of the fetus, some attention is enough to make you feel that you are pregnant since the first week of pregnancy, so what are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

1- Changing and pains of the breasts

During pregnancy, the breasts become very sensitive. This is followed by blackening of the area around the nipples. During pregnancy, a woman may feel that her bra is no longer as comfortable as it used to be.
This is normal because the size of the breasts increases during pregnancy. For some women, feeling the breasts is an uncomfortable thing, and they have to get used to it during pregnancy.

Fortunately, breast pain is reduced in the second trimester of pregnancy. For some women, breast pain is an advantage, as it enhances her pleasure during intimate moments with her husband.

2- Morning sickness

Pregnant women often experience unpleasant stomach cramps every morning during the first weeks of pregnancy. Frequent abdominal pain causes them to vomit and feel weak in the body. Contrary to popular belief and the name "morning sickness," this type of nausea does not occur only in the morning.

Some women feel nauseous in the afternoon or evening hours. Other mothers may feel unwell throughout the day. This could be due to the high level of hormones in a woman's body due to pregnancy.

3- Unusual eating habits

Women in the early stages of pregnancy often crave food that they have never eaten or previously loved.

It is natural for them to be greedy in everything related to food. Some women want to eat an unusual diet, while other women cannot tolerate eating different types of food that were their favorite until pregnancy.

4- Spotting or mild cramps

During pregnancy, women may notice blood stains that differ in color from menstrual spots. These blood drops are the result of an egg implanting in the uterine wall, and if it does not exceed a few points, it is not a cause for concern at all.

Pregnancy is also accompanied by some cramps that are similar to menstrual cramps, but are very mild and hardly noticeable.

5- Mild headache

A mild headache is caused by a change in the percentage of hormones in the mother's body, which is not a cause for concern. If you suspect the possibility of pregnancy, be careful when taking painkillers.

6- Constipation and frequent urination

If you suddenly start going to the bathroom more often than usual, or if you are constipated at the same time, you may be pregnant, this is normal as a result of the hormones and changes that occur to the uterus at the beginning of pregnancy.

This feeling will go away within weeks and come back strongly at the end of your pregnancy, when the fetus and the uterus grow larger and put pressure on your bladder.

7- Mood swings and high sensitivity

Hormonal changes cause a woman's moods to change, so she becomes more sensitive than before, she cries quickly and her mood changes quickly.

How do I know if I am really pregnant?

There are two methods of early pregnancy examination, two accurate and rapid, and their results are immediate or almost immediate, and they are:

1- Home pregnancy test

Home pregnancy test is always available, easy to use and inexpensive, and gives immediate results that are accurate one day after your period. Or perhaps, if its quality is high, it may give results on the day of the cycle itself.

What is unique about a home pregnancy test is that no matter how light the positive line is, the result remains accurate.

2- Laboratory pregnancy examination

The laboratory pregnancy examination is based on drawing a sample from the woman's blood to check the level of pregnancy hormone in the blood, and this test results are more accurate and come earlier, perhaps during the last week of the menstrual cycle.