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Dried fruits: they have both benefits and harms!

 Dried fruits: they have both benefits and harms!

Dried fruits have many advantages on the nutritional level, but they also have many disadvantages, in the following are the most prominent details.

Drying fruits is one of the oldest methods that are used to preserve food, so what is the nutritional value of dried fruits? What are the benefits of dried fruits? Does it have any damages? The answer is as follows:

The benefits and disadvantages of dried fruits

The benefits of dried fruits

Among the most prominent benefits of dried fruits:

  • It is recommended to eat dried fruits before doing physical activity or if the level of sugar in the body is low, because they contain a high concentration of sugar, which enables them to provide immediate energy.
  • Dried fruits are rich in fiber that fights constipation and promotes proper intestinal activity, but it is important for those with constipation to drink water.
  • Dried fruits are rich in minerals, such as: phosphate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, B vitamins, iron and fatty acids.
  • Dried fruits are a much better alternative energy source than chocolate and sweets for those who are underweight.
  • Dried fruits and nuts can be a nutritious snack when consumed thoughtfully.

Harmful dried fruits

Dried fruits are harmful to the following:

  • Sulfur dioxide may be added to enhance its color during the production of dried fruits, which could cause those with chronic breathing problems to have asthma attacks or bronchitis.
  • Fruits lose their vitamin C during the drying process as it decomposes.
  • Dried fruits are rich in calories relative to their weight, as the amount of calories in them is between 5-7 times the amount found in fresh fruits, for example:
  • Dried apricots contain 238 calories per 100 grams.
  • Fresh apricots contain only 48 calories per 100 grams.

Tips for making the most of dried fruits

The best consumption of dried fruits is that which takes into account the quality of the dried fruits and the quantity consumed, so it is preferred to:

  • Consuming organic fruits, which are any fruits that have gone through a drying process without adding preservatives.
  • Not consuming sweetened fruits.
  • Not to consume dried fruits with a bright color, as they are fruits with artificial additives.
  • Dried fruits are consumed in moderation and in a wide variety as possible.