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Common sexual problems and ways to overcome them

 Common sexual problems and ways to overcome them

Men and women can suffer from some common sexual problems, which occur as a result of many factors, and need some treatments to eliminate them.

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There are many sexual problems that women and men can face, but some of these problems are the most common, so we shed light on them so that we know their causes and ways to overcome them.

Causes of common sexual problems

There are several reasons that lead to sexual problems, the most prominent of which are:

  • Hormonal imbalances: When any hormonal disorders occur, the reproductive organs are affected and have many problems.
  • Taking certain medications: Some medications can affect sexual health, especially medications that are taken for long periods.
  • Incidence of diseases: such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, these diseases lead to poor sexual health.
  • Old age: With advancing age, sexual health can decline in men and women, and the stage of menopause in women can cause sexual problems.

Common sexual problems

Now we tell you about the most common sexual problems and how to treat them:

1- Erectile dysfunction

A sexual problem that affects men, which means the inability to achieve or maintain a strong erection enough for good sex.

And this problem is treated by some drugs that help in strengthening the erection, as well as the testosterone hormone must be examined, as its deficiency affects the erection.

And you must consult a doctor to find out the cause of this problem and start treating it in a correct manner.

2- Premature ejaculation

It is also one of the common problems that many men suffer from and hinders the enjoyment between husband and wife and the access to ecstasy.

On the other hand, delayed ejaculation means the presence of disturbances in sexual health in men, and ejaculation may not occur at all.

And the duration of sexual intercourse can be prolonged by applying pressure on the penis when the semen flow is approaching.

Also, some medications contribute to treating premature ejaculation, but they can only be taken with a doctor's prescription.

3- Decreased sexual desire

There are many factors that lead to a decrease in sexual desire, including psychological and other health factors, in addition to hormonal disorders or fatigue, as well as taking some medications.

Also, women go through some stages in which sexual desire decreases, such as the stage of childbirth and beyond, the stage of breastfeeding, and also during the stage of menopause.

And the treatment of the problem is by eliminating its cause and searching for ways to renew marital life and get rid of the boredom and apathy that affects the desire.

4- Failure to reach orgasm

It is a problem that some women suffer from, as the man may reach orgasm before the woman, which causes her to not feel sexual pleasure.

And many women are shy about being honest with their husbands about this problem, and therefore they do not feel enjoyable during intimacy.

And the best solution to this problem is to pay attention to sexual foreplay by the man before intercourse, as this helps not to delay a woman's sense of orgasm.

5- Feeling pain during sexual intercourse

Some women experience pain during sexual intercourse, and this is due to several reasons, such as feeling anxious and contracting the pelvic muscles, as well as vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse, which leads to difficulty in moving the penis.

The treatment is through the elimination of vaginal dryness and the use of lubricants, and the woman must practice pelvic exercises to reduce the chances of cramping, and also she must get rid of tension and fear of intimate practice.