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8 interesting facts about erection

 8 interesting facts about erection

You may think you know everything about penis and erections, to learn more facts about erections, read the following article.

8 interesting facts about erection

A penis erection is a condition in which the penis increases in size and becomes more enlarged and enlarged, and it is often related to sexual arousal but can occur in its absence as well. Here are some facts about an erection:

Facts about erection

There are many facts about erection that some may be ignorant of, and among the most prominent facts about erectile dysfunction are the following:

1. The penis can break

Penis fracture is a rare condition, but it is possible, as the penis is fragile and can be broken, it is true that there is no bone to break, but blood vessels inside the penis can burst, causing swelling and pain, and many cases of penis fracture are attributed to sexual intercourse, as it is usually Injury occurs during erection and is associated with a sudden or violent bending of the penis.

2. Erections occur in fetuses and children

Erection occurs early, as male fetuses can have an erection while they are still in their mother's womb, and erection occurs in children as well, and it is even considered an inevitable process that occurs in male babies as part of their development, and it is caused by blood flow to the penis.

3. A shorter penis has a larger erection

Men with shorter penises have a larger erection, as those with shorter penises in the case of erection increase their penis size by 86%, and for those with longer penises, the increase is 47%, and this is one of the facts about erotic erections.

4. The average erection is 14.2 cm

The average erect penis is only 14.2 centimeters, and the largest erection in the world reached 34.29 centimeters, and the largest penis in the world when erect is more than 30.48 centimeters, and in a flaccid state, it reaches 24.13 centimeters.

5. An erection also occurs during sleep

In men, an erection occurs between three to five times per night, and every night while you sleep, your penis remains working hard, and in a healthy man, up to five erections occur during his sleep, and each lasts about 30 minutes.

6. ED can indicate a serious health problem

Sometimes, sexual problems are a sign of bigger problems, and the cause of ED can be a health problem such as: heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol, and others.

7. Your lifestyle can make you more vulnerable to ED

Alcohol addiction, drug use, weight gain, smoking, certain medications, and even prolonged cycling can lead to ED, the stress of economic weakness can make matters worse, and ED may cause you to suffer from psychological tension or vice versa, and this is also a fact. About the erection that has to be known.

8. Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction do not have erectile dysfunction

Older men are more likely to experience difficulty with an erection rather than just erectile dysfunction, meaning that getting and maintaining an erection is more difficult and more frustrating than it used to be, but it is not impossible.

And erectile dysfunction medications may not always work. Medicines designed to help men with erectile dysfunction regain a healthy sex life only work in about two-thirds of cases.